I live in Sooke, BC and am a student teacher, attending the University of Victoria to complete my Bachelor of Education in the post-degree professional program. I will complete this program in December 2015, and then hopefully be working as a teacher soon after.

My first practicum took place in a Grade 3 classroom at Ecole Poirier Elementary School in the spring of 2015. My final practicum is in two Grade 7 classrooms at Journey Middle School. I really enjoyed working with students in Grade 3, but am excited to work with older students. I’ve created a news feed to use during my practicum for my classes to keep students and parents up to date on curriculum content, lesson summaries, homework, news, updates, reminders, and upcoming events. You’ll find the appropriate links and information under “News”.

I volunteer for Girl Guides of Canada in the Sooke Harbours District, working as a guide leader for the First Sparks Unit. It’s a lot of fun working with the young kids. During the last school year I volunteered at Spectrum High School in Saanich as a tutorial leader for their AVID program. I really enjoy working with kids of all ages, from pre-school through to high school.

I currently work in a group home for young adults with developmental disabilities. I have been working with these individuals for seven years now and am glad that I have been able to continue working with them while going to school. In order to fit this all into my busy schedule, I work the night shift three nights per week.

My mom and I have formed a band called Gals I Like. We perform covers of various genres of songs in a folky style. “We folk up everything!”. We host the open mic at the Kemp Lake Music Store Cafe every second Sunday from 1pm-5pm. We also perform at legions, pubs, coffee shops, and anywhere else that wants to book us.

I have a six year old daughter who is in Grade 1 French immersion. It’s so exciting witnessing how much she is learning from school and it just reinforced my love and excitement for teaching. You can view my teaching philosophy here.

To learn more about me, check out my news feed and events, follow me on Twitter and like my band’s Facebook page.

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