Gals I Like is the band that my mom and I formed a few years ago. I play ukulele and sing lead vocals, and my mom plays keyboards and sings harmonies. We like to listen to all kinds of music, and like to play all kinds as well. However, when we produce our rendition of a song it usually sounds pretty folky, so our motto is “We folk up everything!”. We have a lot of fun learning new songs of all genres and making them our own.

10612922_10152832332381211_3914711921062320682_nWe host the open mic at the Kemp Lake Music Store Cafe every second Sunday, as well as play at any other gigs we get offered or find the time to hunt down. We have a CD of 8 songs for sale, and we are working on more. We’re always trying new things and enjoy having others come up and play along with us (especially some sort of percussion and lead work).

We have a Facebook page which can be found here. Please “like” us and follow along with any and all happenings of the Gals I Like variety. We can also be found on Twitter here (but we don’t really use that yet!).